about us

The Jewellery Council of SA held a Road Show meeting in Houghton, Johannesburg in 1999. Amongst other interesting subjects, moissanite was introduced to the attendees. The general feeling of the group towards moissanite was met with interest, some negativity, and concern about the difficulty that people would have in distinguishing the difference between a moissanite and a diamond.

We immediately saw the amazing potential of a viable and beautiful gemstone as an alternative to diamonds and recognized that moissanite should (obviously) be marketed as a completely separate gemstone in its own right for a different segment of the jewellery market.

We contacted Charles & Colvard® to negotiate exclusive distributorship rights for Africa. After many discussions and after meeting their arduous contractual requirements, we were appointed their exclusive distributors for Africa, and soon commenced with our marketing and sales program (we subsequently also secured the Charles & Colvard® distributorships for New Zealand and Australia some years ago).

Later that year we showcased moissanite to the trade at the annual Jewellex Show. Many jewellers were affronted by the notion of offering moissanite in their retail stores, other more savvy, forward-thinking jewellers immediately embraced the concept of a new product and profit line which would bring more feet into their stores. All of these jewellers are still actively selling moissanite jewellery.

Today, many very large retail chains (local and international) and many highly respected jewellery stores offer moissanite jewellery. The estimated global moissanite market is estimated at over R5 billion and continues to grow annually.

Of course, once Charles & Colvard’s patents on the silicon carbide gem-quality growing processes expired after around 20 years, a lot of other moissanite has been introduced into the market from all corners of the world. Some are really inferior, low grade moissanite and some reasonably good to excellent grades, mostly reflected in the pricing.

It is really important to deal with long standing reputable companies and not the new-fangled entrants to the marketplace, of which there are many!

Moissanite SA™ was established in 1999 and are the market leaders in moissanite, a name that is synonymous with premier grade moissanite, excellent service and a trusted name in the marketplace. We have been in business and have been involved in the jewellery and associated industries for over 40 years.

We recognised that there is a strong demand in the market to provide more affordable, quality moissanite and have recently introduced Majestic Moissanite™ to the market, which is very exciting for us.

This new generation, world-class, premier quality moissanite is now in stock and available at very competitive prices.

Majestic Moissanite™ is available exclusively in colourless and near colourless grades, and with the latest lab-grown crystal technology, the fire, brilliance and clarity is exceptional.

Having been involved in the international moissanite markets for more than 22 years, we source directly from the laboratories that produce amongst the best quality lab-grown SiC (silicon carbide) moissanite crystals.

Our Mission

At Moissanite SA™ our goal is to provide ethical, sustainable, and sociably responsible premier quality moissanite to you, with the least amount of carbon footprint possible. The partners we have chosen, share the same commitment, passion and dedication to this responsibility.

Our Promise to You

Majestic Moissanite™ is selected from the best SiC crystals available today. We are confident that the quality of the moissanite we supply will meet or exceed your expectations. If you are not completely satisfied with the purchase of your Majestic Moissanite™ stone for any reason, simply return the stone to us within 7 days in the same condition and packaging and we will provide you with a full refund. For full details on returns, see our Warranty tab.