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Charles & Colvard® moissanite is one of the most famous brands of moissanite gemstones, and for good reason. They invented a way to grow pure and almost perfect moissanite over 20 years ago, creating a hard and sparkling mineral. This led to their patented product, Charles & Colvard Created Moissanite®, which is more brilliant than diamonds and more affordable.

The company strives to produce moissanite that is even purer and more dazzling. Their mission is to offer customers moissanite that will endure for a lifetime.

Charles & Colvard® continues to innovate and bring change to the jewellery industry through research, consumer outreach, and marketing.


Research Triangle Park in North Carolina is a large pine forest home to over 200 important research and development companies. Created in the late 1950s by the government, famous universities, and businesses, it has become a hub for innovation.

One company located here is Charles & Colvard, which is listed on the Nasdaq Composite in the US. The Nasdaq Composite is an index of over 3,000 stocks from prominent technology and biotech firms such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

Researchers in the park achieved a significant milestone by discovering how to create pure silicon carbide. This material is so scarce that it was tough to acquire enough for testing. However, with this discovery, they could create new products like semiconductors, LED lights, and robust tools.

Some of these researchers realised that pure silicon carbide could be used as a new type of gemstone. As hard as any mineral on Earth and shining even brighter than diamonds, Charles & Colvard brought this idea to life and created Charles & Colvard Created Moissanite, an elegant and ethically-sourced jewellery option free from environmental concerns.

To this day, Charles & Colvard is dedicated to refining this unique gemstone.

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