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Understanding Moissanite: Colour, Clarity, and Grading

Majestic Moissanite stone colour chart

Choosing moissanite can be exciting, but with its unique grading system, it might feel a bit overwhelming. This guide is here to break down the key elements of moissanite grading – colour, clarity, and grading – so you can make informed decisions about this beautiful gemstone.


Moissanite comes in a range of colours, but the most popular choices for diamond alternatives are “colourless” and “near colourless.” These terms describe how much light the stone absorbs, affecting its overall appearance.

  • Colourless: This moissanite appears nearly indistinguishable from a colourless diamond to the naked eye.
  • Near Colourless: This moissanite might have a slightly faint hint of warmth, still maintaining a brilliant and desirable appearance.


Unlike diamonds, moissanite often has unique inclusions that appear as tiny, needle-like structures. These inclusions are different from the dark spots or blemishes found in diamonds. Moissanite clarity is graded as:

  • Eye Clean: No visible flaws can be seen with the naked eye.
  • Very Lightly Included: Some tiny inclusions might be visible only under close inspection with a jeweller’s loupe.
  • Lightly Included: Inclusions may be slightly more noticeable under close inspection but still have minimal impact on the overall brilliance of the stone.


It’s important to choose moissanite from a reputable seller who adheres to consistent and reliable grading practices. This ensures you receive a stone that accurately reflects the described colour and clarity. Here are examples of clarity grading from two prominent moissanite brands:

  • Majestic Moissanite™: Offers “eye clean” clarity, meaning even with magnification, flaws are hard to find.
  • Charles & Colvard®: Offers various clarities, ranging from “eye clean” to “included.”


By understanding moissanite colour, clarity, and grading, you can confidently choose a stone that meets your preferences and budget. With its unique beauty and brilliance, moissanite can be a fantastic choice for your next jewellery piece.

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