South Africa Ring Size Guide

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Choosing a ring—whether for a proposal, a gift, or personal indulgence—should be a delightful experience. But the question of size often casts a shadow on the excitement. That’s where our Printable South African Ring Size guide comes in, offering a fuss-free solution to this conundrum.

With our tool, you can confidently shop for rings online or prepare for that surprise proposal knowing you’ve got the size just right.

Download our chart now and step into the world of hassle-free ring shopping!

South Africa ring size guide
  1. Print the Sizer: Print this ring sizer tool on a standard A4 paper, ensuring your printer is set to 100% or ‘actual size’ to keep the dimensions accurate.
  2. Verify the Printout: Use a credit card in the place holder provided or a ruler to measure the reference line provided on the tool to confirm that the printout is to scale.
  3. Select a Ring: Choose a well-fitting ring that the intended wearer currently wears on the same finger as the engagement ring will be worn.
  4. Place the Ring on the Chart: Position the ring over the circles on the chart, starting with the size you think is most appropriate.
  5. Determine the Size: You will know you have the correct size when the ring fits over a circle without any extra space inside the ring, and the printed circle exactly matches the inside of the ring. The outer edge of the circle should be just visible against the inner edge of the ring without gaps.
  6. Ensure Accuracy: For the best fit, the ring should match a circle size when it’s at room temperature. Extreme temperatures can cause fingers to swell or shrink.
  7. Confirm the Size: If the ring falls between two sizes, choose the larger size for a more comfortable fit.
  8. Record the Size: Note down the size that fits best and use this as the size for your new ring.

Additional Tips:

  • Ensure the ring is placed on the circle without any tilt to get an accurate measurement.
  • Consider the band’s width of the engagement ring you plan to purchase. Wider bands often require a slightly larger size.
  • If possible, compare the size obtained with a ring from a jeweller to ensure accuracy.

Remember, this tool is a guide to assist you in determining ring size. For a precise measurement, it is recommended to consult with a professional jeweller.

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