Available in: 18ct Gold, 18ct Rose Gold, 18ct White Gold
oshun moissanite jewellery range
0.5ct (5mm) DEF – Round Cut Majestic Moissanite

Cleo – Round Cut Solitaire Moissanite Engagement Ring

A dazzling 0.8ct Round cut Majestic Moissanite ring in 18ct gold, featuring intricate patterning and a double ring of melee surrounding the gemstone.


Oshun Moissanite Rings are hand-crafted to size in South Africa and require 2 weeks for manufacture and delivery.

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Majestic Moissanite

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Carats are the standard for weight in gemstones, however, moissanite is typically 10% lighter than a diamond of the same size. To make it easier to compare, we provide Diamond Equivalent Weight (DEW) in carats as a reference to similar-sized diamonds.

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A unique gemstone for a new generation.
Unmatched brilliance, fire, and sparkle.

Egyptian Sundial Design Meets Modern Moissanite

The CLEO ring, part of our Oshun Range, is an embodiment of ancient elegance and contemporary brilliance. This ring features a 0.6ct round Majestic Moissanite, set in your choice of 18ct yellow, white, or rose gold. The Egyptian sundial motif, combined with white resin inlays and two 0.2ct pointers, creates a stunning and culturally rich design.

The Majestic Moissanite

Central to the CLEO ring is a 0.6ct round Majestic Moissanite, celebrated for its radiant brilliance and clarity. This gemstone is a statement of luxury and timeless beauty.

Egyptian Sundial Motif

The ring showcases an Egyptian sundial motif, bringing an element of historical significance and visual appeal. This motif is a nod to ancient civilizations and their contributions to art and science.

Crafted in 18ct Gold

Meticulously crafted in 18ct gold, the CLEO ring is available in yellow, white, or rose gold options, each enhancing the Majestic Moissanite and the Egyptian sundial design.


Constructed with high-quality 18ct gold and adorned with a Majestic Moissanite, the CLEO ring is a symbol of enduring beauty and intricate design. The additional pointer stones add sparkle and depth to the ring.


The CLEO ring is a fusion of ancient symbolism and modern gemmological expertise. It's perfect for those who appreciate the blend of historical art with contemporary gemstone elegance.


Ideal for various occasions, the CLEO ring is suitable for those who value unique design and high-quality craftsmanship, making it perfect for special events or daily sophistication.

The CLEO Round Cut Ring in our Oshun Range at Moissanite SA is a celebration of ancient art and gemmological brilliance. Crafted in 18ct gold with a Majestic Moissanite, it offers a unique statement of style and cultural richness.

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