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How to Design Your Engagement Ring with AI

ai engagement ring designs

When I set out on this article, I had some doubts that using Ai to design jewellery would work at all.

As someone with limited experience in jewellery design and a complete novice in the realm of AI, I was sceptical about whether I could find a solution that would satisfy my personal taste. I nevertheless pushed forward and what I discovered was… surprising.

The search for that ideal engagement ring, one that not only captures the essence of your love but also reflects your unique personality, can be overwhelming. Time and budget constraints can add an extra layer of stress.

But fear not, for in a time of supercomputers, the internet and the recent buzz about artificial intelligence, there has got to be a way to save time, and money, and turn the whole experience of designing and buying an engagement ring into a joyous adventure. Right?


Everyone is talking about AI, but what is it?

AI, in simple terms, is the use of computers and software to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. It covers a swathe of applications like language comprehension, image recognition, decision-making, and data learning. Its impact can be seen across fields like healthcare, education, entertainment, finance, security and many more.

AI has a dual impact on our lives. On the positive side, it helps solve complex problems, boosts productivity, fosters creativity, and improves services. For instance, AI helps doctors diagnose diseases, enables personalised learning for teachers and optimises business operations.

AI is in its infancy and we’re still figuring out how to navigate or mitigate the challenges, risks, and ethical dilemmas already noted by tech savants like Elon Musk, such as job disruption, compromised privacy and security, and potential biases or harm to the environment.

It has the ability to shape our society, culture, and values, influencing communication, relationships, education, entertainment, and our sense of identity. So, while we forge ahead, it’s probably a good idea to do so with caution.

Some examples of AI technology that are already becoming part of daily life are speech recognition, computer vision, natural language processing, and machine learning. You can learn more about it here if you are interested.

OK, so with that very brief intro to AI out of the way, let’s get down to the task at hand.

The Task

To save time and money by designing a unique engagement ring using AI, that I like, and that can be made in the real world.

The Tools

To complete this task I need an AI program that I can instruct to produce an accurate image of what I want and a jeweller or goldsmith to turn my design into reality. The most popular choice for AI image generation at the moment is Midjourney.

What’s Midjourney and How Can It Help You?

Midjourney is an independent research lab that loves exploring new ways of thinking and unleashing human creativity. They’ve developed an incredible AI-powered tool that turns any text description into stunning artwork.

So, how does it relate to engagement rings?

Well, with Midjourney, you can design your own dream engagement ring by simply providing a description of what you want. Working in Midjourney starts with a prompt. Start by typing /imagine to activate the command and then follow that with your prompt.

mid journey prompt example

The prompt is a simple, short sentence that describes what you want to see.

Just type something like, “a rose gold ring with a heart-shaped moissanite and delicate floral details,” and voila! Midjourney will generate four beautiful images based on your prompt.

You can get great results with a simple sentence, but the more specific you are the better the results will be.

For the sake of this article, we’re sticking with simple. “/Imagine a rose gold ring with a heart-shaped moissanite and delicate floral details.”

Engagement Ring designed with AI featuring 4 options produced by midjourney
Midjourney generated options
Upscaled ai engagement ring jewellery design - Midjourney image
Upscaled/enlarged Midjourney image

You can choose your favourite, upscale it, or even use it as a starting point for further refinements. Plus, you can play around with different commands and parameters to adjust the size, style, and image quality until it’s just right!

Midjourney comes with a *free plan which is limited to a couple of hours of human time but they do offer subscription plans that will give you additional time. Look, it’s complicated, you need to work through Discord, and it involves setting up bots etc. but the basic plan is $10 per month (cancel any time) and should have you covered for most small projects.

Instructions for Discord

Instructions for Midjourney


Saving Time and Money (Because Who Doesn’t Love That?)

Using Midjourney to design your own engagement ring means saying goodbye to countless hours spent browsing through endless options online or in stores. With Midjourney, you’ll have the power to design your ideal ring within minutes, all from the comfort of your own home.
It’s probably not a time-saving process, however. It takes some setting up and a lot of learning to get to the first design, but once you know what to do you will have a lot of fun.

And here’s a little tip to save some cash: for the gemstone, consider buying moissanite directly from us at Moissanite is a stunning lab-grown gemstone with more brilliance and fire than a diamond without the hefty price tag. You’ll find a wide range of shapes and sizes to choose from. And guess what? Shipping is free (over R2000) and all gemstones come with a lifetime warranty. Talk about a win-win!


Let’s Get Creative with Prompts for Midjourney

Designing your own engagement ring using Midjourney is a lot of fun, especially when it comes to coming up with prompts that perfectly describe your vision.

But this is also where you start to run into problems. Ai requires specific, detailed prompts in order to give you the best results.

You will need to know how to describe every detail in a way that AI understands. This takes a lot of practice and the process of trial and error can produce some amazing results but also some pretty odd-looking ones too.

To help you generate the best prompts to design your jewellery with AI, here are some friendly tips:

  1. Be Specific:
    The more details you provide, the better Midjourney can match your vision. Instead of a generic prompt like “a silver ring with a blue stone,” go for something like “a sterling silver ring with a round-cut sapphire and beautiful pave diamonds.”
  2. Embrace Your Creativity:
    Don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles, colours, and themes. Experiment with various metals, gemstones, shapes, and patterns. How about trying a prompt like “a captivating two-tone engagement ring featuring a mesmerising hexagonal emerald and stylish geometric engravings”?
  3. Find Inspiration Everywhere:
    Look to art, nature, culture, or history for prompt inspiration. Try something like “a vintage-inspired engagement ring adorned with a cushion-cut moissanite and intricate filigree details” or “a sleek, modern minimalist ring showcasing a pear-shaped diamond on a slender band.”
  4. Keep It Realistic:
    While Midjourney can work wonders, remember that it’s still bound by the laws of physics and the availability of materials. So, let’s not expect a 10-carat diamond or a ring made of rainbow-coloured metal, alright?

Working with a Jeweller to Bring Your Design to Life

Alright, so you’ve used Midjourney to create the perfect design for your engagement ring. Now it’s time to turn that digital image into a tangible reality.

Here’s how to make it happen:

jewellery design artists rendering
  1. Save Your Image:
    Make sure you save your image in a high-quality format like PNG or JPEG. If needed, you can use Midjourney’s commands to enhance the clarity and sharpness of the image.
  2. Find a Jeweller:
    Now, let’s find a reputable jeweller who specialises in custom ring creations. You can start by conducting an online search, asking for recommendations from friends and family, or even visiting local jewellery stores. Please take a moment to go through their portfolios and read customer reviews to gauge their expertise and customer satisfaction.
  3. Share Your Vision:
    Show your saved image to the jeweller and express your desired design clearly. Be specific about the materials, dimensions, and budget you have in mind. Also, be open to their suggestions and feedback—they’re professionals who can provide valuable insights to enhance your design or make it more feasible.
  4. Review the Sketch:
    Typically, the jeweller will create a sketch or a 3D model of your ring based on your image and specifications. Take the time to carefully review the sketch and ensure it aligns with your vision. If necessary, don’t hesitate to request revisions or adjustments to ensure the final result matches your expectations.
  5. Confirm the Order:
    Once you’re satisfied with the sketch, it’s time to confirm the order by paying a deposit. The jeweller will then begin crafting your ring according to the approved design. Keep in mind that the timeline for completion can vary based on the complexity of the design and material availability, ranging from a few weeks to a few months.
  6. Receive Your Ring:
    When your ring is ready, the jeweller will get in touch to arrange delivery or pickup. At this stage, you’ll settle the remaining balance. Take a moment to carefully inspect the ring, comparing it to the sketch and image you provided. If everything looks good, you might also consider requesting a certificate of authenticity and a warranty for your ring, ensuring its quality and value.

In Conclusion

Creating your perfect engagement ring with Midjourney in the future will be an enjoyable and easy process. You can design a unique and stunning piece that truly reflects your love and personality.

Is AI ready?

In my opinion, not yet. AI can generate multiple creative ideas for your jewellery design and allow you to customize different aspects of it with some effort. However, it’s not a simple process. Learning to use Midjourney takes time and effort, which might outweigh any potential time and money savings from exploring endless design possibilities. Nevertheless, it can be a fun learning experience.

If you have the time and interest in learning more about AI image generation, Midjourney could be a good starting point for generating design ideas. However, since most jewellers already offer design services, you may find it easier to work with a professional. After all, if you can describe your dream engagement ring design to Midjourney, chances are you can describe it to a jeweller too. Jewellers have the experience to create accurate and realistic designs that can be produced. They also provide beautifully rendered visuals and many even offer their design services for free.

My advice:

While AI is a viable option for generating design ideas and exploring concepts, you will still need to bring your vision to life in the real world. Providing visual references to your jeweller can help guide them in the design process, and this is where AI can assist.

So go ahead and give it a try. You might discover new ideas to share with your designer, but you will definitely gain a greater appreciation for the creativity and expertise involved in the jewellery design process.

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